The Spey Revolution

For decades 2-handed rods have been the first choice of Atlantic Salmon anglers. Modern western fly rodders have now joined the ranks of long rod fly fishermen.
We've adopted and refined traditional European tackle for the steelhead and kings of the Pacific Northwest and big trophy trout rivers from Kamchatka and Alaska to the island of Tierra del Fuego.

Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic salmon have a following as reverent as steelhead do, and for good reason. These fish are made for swinging. They move very aggressively to flies and will rise right to the surface for floating line presentations. They can also get on an entirely different scale of big with fish over 60 lbs taken on flies. Just like steelhead though, not all salmon rivers produce huge fish. Their native range is the North Atlantic with their surviving strongholds being Eastern Canada, up and around through Iceland and the Russian Kola Peninsula and down into Norway and the UK. The main season throughout the range starts in early spring. The fish keep running right through the summer and into the fall. Just like steelhead fishing, adapt to conditions. High cold water in the spring may require sink tips and larger flies but as soon as the water drops and warms by early summer get ready to skate them up or run wet flies on floating lines. Atlantic salmon can be very aggressive and when hooked will go ballistic. Named Salmo Salar, the leaping salmon, they are notorious jumpers and can have blistering, hot runs...   Learn More

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The speycasters go to choice in the Pacific Northwest (and Pacific Far East). Unbelievably adaptable, we chase these guys virtually every month of the year. From the redwoods of CA to the rain forests of Canada to the tundra of eastern Russia, to the high deserts of Idaho. Frozen rivers in January and near boiling in July, we can find steelhead around the Pacific rim whenever we get the chance to wander. Steelhead are fantastic. Sea run rainbows are super curious to the swung fly and super unique in every drainage. They can avg 3 lbs in one river and thirty miles up the coast avg 15 pounds. Steelhead smoke skated dries in the summer and fall in gin clear water and crush huge intruders on deep sink tips in water with virtually no visibility in the winter. They can hit it like a freight train, or just barely pluck at the fly. They can run as fast as any fish in freshwater and burn up reels, or dog down and play tug-o-war in the current. They are notorious jumpers, but not all the time... Every river, every time of year and every fish has its secrets to unlock making them the ultimate year 'round swing fish of the Pacific...   Learn More

Sea Trout

Unfortunately these have been severely depleted in their native range. They once were very prolific in the North Atlantic, occupying the same rivers and range of the Atlantic salmon. Sea Run Browns were introduced to Argentina in the 30's though and now the island of Tierra Del Fuego is known as the finest Sea Trout fishing on the planet. The Rio Grande river is home to a population of fish numbering over 60,000 returning adults annually and the largest specimens are knocking on the door of forty pounds. They enter the rivers of Argentina in about November and fishing is predictably excellent by January and throughout the South American summer, until mid April. Just like the others adapt to conditions. Sink tips in higher water, and you can actually fish floating lines with great success when conditions are right. Sea trout actually act like they are feeding and get furious for big flies as the light goes away. Big browns can fight hard too. I am always surprised at how much they jump compared to their residents counterparts, must be something in the saltwater. They can also take long hard runs, but are notorious for bulldogging and staying down deep and pulling hard and heavy...   Learn More

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    Spey rods can be very confusing. The rod you choose will greatly be determined by the size of the water, the size of the fish, and the size of the fly you will be casting on it. Give us a call so we can help you choose the right tool for the exact job you need it to do...   Shop Now

  • Spey Reels

    Spey reels are all about the feel and sound. Any reel sized appropriately for your rod will do the job, but spey junkies have to hear that reel sing when the fish takes off. The classic click reels are having a resurgence among the Spey crowd. You"ll know when the fish is running!   Shop Now

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    We can help you sort out the seemingly complicated options in selecting the perfect spey line for your fishing needs. We have extensive on-the-water experience and can sort through and explain the differences between different lines and their applications...   Shop Now

  • Flies

    Spey flies is a very generic term these days. Traditional "Spey Flies" are sparsely tied, with long wispy feathers, originally tied for Salmon in Scotland.... Today we fish a ridiculous array of flies with spey rods. All shapes, sizes, colors and weights...   Shop Now

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